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WhatsApp Chat Backup In Google Drive


Hi guys today we will talk about how to make WhatsApp Chat Backup In Google Drive it is a very simple process please read the full article let’s start

How To Make A Chat Backup:

Just open your WhatsApp and click three dot menu and then go to settings in that setting you have lot of option is there just click chat option once chat option open means C below chat backup and chat history just click that chat backup option once you go to chat option you just click chat backup in green icon. I can’t wants you that click means it will take a backup you need to wait for one or two minute once the time has been done backup has been completed.

WhatsApp Chat Backup In Google Drive

Backup To Google Drive:

Backup through Google drive it is a very simple process it is useful for you upgrading your new mobiles that I am you can restore your old messages everything to new mobile just click that backup options daily backup or weekly backup or monthly backup which every want you just click it for example you need to click daily backup you just click daily after that below option you need to add your Google Drive mail id just click which account you are using Gmail account you need to select with Gmail you want to backup just click that email once completed means it is automatically backup everyday for your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat Backup In Google Drive

Data Usage Options:

The the backup has been made two ways by using your mobile data or else using Wi-Fi preferred is Wi-Fi because we have lot of space right so you have to Wi-Fi means your mobile data will be gone very easily that’s why I am saying go for backup only through Wi-Fi options.

you need to add media files also for example you need to add video files for your backup means surely you need to go for Wi-Fi option only some of users mobile data is very low so that’s why I am saying use Wi-Fi option you need to backup very easily and fast way.


Hope you guys today you learn about how to backup a WhatsApp chat on Google Drive everyday it is a very useful tips those who are using WhatsApp Messengers just try and make a backup of your WhatsApp chat on Google Drive let’s see you another post thank you so much

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